Sunday, 27 February 2011

Lula // edited heroin

I have somehow stuck up a lovely working friendship with a newsagents in Soho, and after asking if they stocked Lula mag, winded up with a copy they had kept aside for me on Friday, which I didn't even have to pay for.  Now this aint even that grand a story (just wanna highlight how lovely these guys are), it was more the fact earlier that day I was chatting to a photography student who stumbled across my path looking to get into fashion photography, that I asked him if he'd ever seen Lula.  It was only the week previous to this I had ever really looked at the mag, having stayed at a friend's who happened to have a lorra back issues and was singing it praises.  The funny thing was, this student described Lula as 'edited heroin'.    Kind of a poetic choice of words really. 

But somehow, I have now become addicted to it without ever even being that bothered about getting it.  Funny how things happen.

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