Thursday, 25 November 2010

Lanvin hearts H&M

Deemed possibly the biggest high street designer collection yet, (until next week and Gap takes over with Valentino), Alber Elbaz, who once said he'd NEVER do a cut price collection, has had a change of heart and recognises some folk just cant afford his main line label.  That, or he can't anymore.  Either way there's no denying H&M paid top dollah for him to jump on board, and from the amount of money the pair are set to make off the back of this collaboration, no wonder Lanvin hearts H&M.  Cupboard love.

Either way, having been lucky enough to see a cross section of the collection, there was most certainly a few key peices that deserve the praise Elbaz is lapping up (the massive tuelle prom dress for instance).  But some pieces really left a gaping question mark...

Overheard this being described as 'a bag youd get free from a magazine and have to customize it yourself'...

Packaging = a TREAT.


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