Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Okay, so I came across I song I fell in heart with...only to realise its by Willow Smith (Will's sprog) and shes NINE years old.  How much attitude can a pretween actually be packing.  Pretty clever ploy by her dad or whoever is pulling the dollar making strings in order to get a slice of the beiber action.  A mini Rhianna she may be, but shes been well programmed to not grab the NSPCC's attention by producing a song and vid that are pretty void of any type of child sexualisation.  You cant knock a kid for having style (no matter how much that 'style' belongs to her stylist).  This way she can fill in for Miley now shes gone all sex and that, and is young enough to have quite a few years to grow up in the bosom of the Disney corporation.  And we all know they produce well rounded individuals. 

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